Amir Shaikh

Name: Dr. Amir Afzal Shaikh Amir Shaikh edited
Qualification: M. Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics), Ph.D
Experience: 8 Years
Patents:- Nil
Publications: 11
Book Chapters:
  1. Practical Handbook of Physical Pharmaceutics I for SY B. Pharm. Sem-III, Success Publication, 2016. ISBN No. 978-93-24457-07-1.
  2. Practical Handbook of Physical Pharmaceutics II for SY B. Pharm. Sem-IV, Success Publication, 2016. ISBN No. 978-93-24457-07-3.
  3. Drug Delivery Systems: A Review Edited by Dr. A. V. Gothoskar, Available at

             Chapters Contributed:Fundamentals of Drug delivery system, Chronopharmaceutical Drug Delivery System, Parenteral Controlled Drug Delivery System, Particulate Drug Delivery System- Resealed Erythrocytes, Pulmonary Drug Delivery System, Regulatory aspects of Drug Delivery System.

Journals: 13
Conferences: 16 (National and International)
Grants fetched (Amount):  
Professional/ Research Interests: Solubility enhancement, Targeted drug delivery systems.
Awards and Accolades:
  1. Awarded for “ACADEMIC JEWEL” on the occasion of foundation day of Indira Group of Institute & Teachers Day 05th Sept. 2011.
  2.  Nine times “MAN OF THE MATCH” award in state level cricket tournaments.
  3. Awarded as BEST UMPIRE in orange pharma cup cricket tournament organized by five element foundation.
  4. Awarded as BEST BOWLER in intercollegiate staff cricket tournament at Dhole Patil College of engineering, Wagholi, Pune in 2017.

·         Life Member of Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India. (Membership number: MA/LM-1616)

·         Member of Maharashtra Pharmacy Council of India as Registered Pharmacist. (Certificate No.: 95447)

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