Group Director’s Message

The last decade has been a period of transition, continuous learning and adaptation for most companies across all Pharmaceutical industries in India, as there has been fierce competition from both within the country and outside. The Indian Pharma Industry finally seems to have come into its own and is moving full speed ahead.

Environmental factors like the emergence of India as a Contract Research outsourcing destination, the Clinical research boom & increasing R& D have all contributed to transforming the business scenario. Gearing up to face such an environment will require visionary leadership skills, innovative ideas, swift implementation and a Darwinian survival instinct.

I feel, we Indians have some of the best talent to meet the requirements of today’s Pharma world and we at INDIRA would like to take the lead in imparting the necessary skills and knowledge essential to excel in this environment.Our well planned programs offer each candidate an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and focus on their holistic development, through a judicious blend of co-curricular and extra curricular activities.

This is facilitated by our faculty, which is amongst the best in the country. The teaching pedagogy followed is interactive in nature with emphasis on practical knowledge and pro-active self learning.Our programs are conducted at our ultra-modern residential campus in Pune having some of the finest amenities to make learning at INDIRA a memorable experience. I look forward to welcoming you at INDIRA.