M. Pharm. – Quality Assurance

The main aim of the pharmaceutical industry is to produce safe and effective drugs and drug formulations with ‘zero error’. Quality control and Quality Assurance laboratories in Pharmaceutical industry play a vital role in assuring the best quality healthcare products. This broad definition includes one to all healthcare product and service providers who in one or other way touch lives and health of people and are trusted for providing the safest quality of products.

The quality assurance is a wide-ranging concept covering all aspects of quality that individually or collectively influence the quality of the product. Assuring the product quality belongs mainly to quality assurance personnel but involves a team effort. Also, by considering the current scenario of Pharmaceutical Industries, there is an immense need to fulfil the quality requirements of the products. 

The Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance Post-Graduate M. Pharm. The program provides students with comprehensive knowledge and skills in the fields of Pharmaceutical Analysis, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs. The course structure meets the need of appropriate knowledge and skills required for QA professional in the Healthcare industry.

Department of Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance at ICP,  deals with the study of qualitative and quantitative estimation of pharmaceutical products, designing of key documents, validation of equipment, cleaning validation, analytical method development and validation. The department is always engaged in activities which contribute to creating QA professionals to meet global requirements. Indira College of Pharmacy provides all the necessary equipment and facilities to conduct the QA/QC experimental work and research. We provide complete training to our M. Pharm. QA students using the latest instruments and techniques including High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Dissolution, FTIR and UV-Vis Spectroscopy.

The department has qualified, dedicated, devoted faculty and are actively involved in research activities.