Industry-Institute Partnership (IIPC)

Training program

Theme of the program Speakers Organization
Demonstration of software on Design of Experiment in the field of QBD Mr. Bimal Kumar Kesh Q Sutra – Division of Minitab Corporation Inc.
Introduction to CADD and molecular modeling and its relevance to drug design. Dr. S. M. Sami V life sciences
QSAR – Method and application on drug design Dr. V. M. Kulkarni BVDU Poona college of Pharmacy
Protein structure analysis. Dr. Venkat Pallae I2IT
Dr. Uday Deshpande
Introduction to Chemoinformatics. Dr. Subhash Ajmani V life sciences
Probiotics Dr. Vinay Rale Environs Biotechnology
Dr. Bhushan Choudhari UOP National Center for Cell Sciences
Dr. Yogesh Shouche Agharkar Research Institute, Pune
Dr. P. S. Dhakephalkar