Research & Consultancy


Industrial Projects:

Faculty member Title of the project Organization
Dr.(Mrs.) Madhur Kulkarni Stability evaluation of plant based carotenoids Amicon Rx Pvt. Ltd.
Dr.(Mrs.) Madhur Kulkarni Development of paediatric nutraceutical supplement formulation Merck Consumer Health Ltd.
Dr.(Mrs.) Anagha Joshi & Mrs. Manasi Wagdarikar Analytical method development A.J. Organica  Pvt. Ltd.
Dr. (Mrs). Anagha Joshi & Prof. Ramesh Katedeshmukh Veterinary formulation development Adisan laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
Prof. Ramesh Katedeshmukh Formulation development A.J. Organica  Pvt. Ltd.
Dr. (Mrs). Anagha Joshi & Mrs. Suvarna Ingale Protocol Writing Clinisearch
Dr. (Mrs). Anagha Joshi & Dr. Abhijit Gothoskar Formulation development for preclinical research Vlife Sciences Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Name of the faculty Research Interest Profile Link
Dr. Mrs. Anagha M Joshi Analytical Method Development, Pharmaceutical standardization
and Validation.
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Dr.(Mrs.) Madhur C. Kulkarni Formulation and Development of Neutraceuticals,
Oral Solid Dosage Formulations and Topical Formulations.
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Dr. Dayanand M. Kannur Formulation and Development of Herbal Drug and Herbal extract Standardization. View Profile
Dr. (Mrs.) Suvarna P. Ingale Pharmacological screening of herbal drugs. Pharmacological
Investigation of drugs acting on,CNS, Diabetes, asthma, Immunity, Ulcer,
Drug induced toxicity, oxidative stress etc.
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Dr. Ramesh G. Katedeshmukh Formulation and Development of Solid and Liquid dosage forms View Profile
Dr. Mahesh M. Ghaisas Cardiovascular Pharmacology, Ethnopharmacology, Immunology,
Diabetes and its complications.
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