Women’s Cell


The Women’s Cell has been constituted with the object of setting up a framework for:

Providing a forum for women employees to ventilate their grievances relating to official matters Imparting a degree of objectivity and fair play in the consideration of such grievance Ensuring a prompt consideration and decision there on Inculcating a feeling of participation in sharing the complexities of administrative and management responsibilities of the employer and to foster a sense of belongingness in one and all in the institution.

ICP has established an effective cell for ensuring well being and safety of women employees.

Dr. Anagha Joshi Chairman
Dr. Madhur Kulkarni Member from Teaching faculty
Mrs. Vishakha Hastak Member from Teaching faculty
Mrs. Pradnya Kulkarni Member from Non- Teaching faculty
Dr. Dayanand Kannur Member from Teaching faculty
Dr. Amir Shaikh Member from Teaching faculty
Ms. Yashaswi Pitre Student representative
Ms. Damini Kolhe Student representative