Our Vision

“To be a center of excellence by redefining Pharmacy Education and nurture Globally Competent Professional Pharmacists.”

Our Mission

To train and develop students into Professional Pharmacists so as to fulfil the Industrial and Community needs. To responsibly work towards reducing the suffering of mankind by providing ably trained pharmacists & pharmaceutical care

Shree Chanakya Education Society founded Indira College of Pharmacy- ICP in 2006, with the introduction of B. Pharm (Bachelor of Pharmacy) course, M. Pharm (Pharmaceutics) was added in 2010 and Pharm.D (Doctor of Pharmacy) in 2016, with a zest for spreading quality healthcare education. True to our tradition, ICP with its motto of ‘Redefining Pharmacy Education’ has been dispensing cutting edge knowledge in this highly sophisticated field of drug development and delivery, promoting in the process, a crop of well qualified and socially conscious alumni who have already begun to make a mark in the Pharmaceutical field. The college itself has earned a number of laurels for its splendid achievement; in a short span of its existence e.g. The College was the recipient of “Best Institute in Pharmacy” at the 9th Innovative Education Awards, held in Mumbai in the year 2017. ICP Principal, Prof. Dr.(Mrs.) Anagha Joshi received the ‘Best Principal Award’ in Pharmacy Education at the National Education Awards 2017. The college was awarded as “Top Performing Pharmacy Institute” World Education Congress, Global awards 2016, Mumbai. Which we feel is a resounding acknowledgement of our contribution to the discipline of pharmacy.

The college is equipped with the best infrastructure and equipments, which has been instrumental in creating the awesome credibility in a very short span of its existence. We believe that having established our credentials in the field of education, we need to take our commitment forward through introducing newer and higher avenues for the budding pharmacy students. Our aim is to imbibe the good work practices as well as research culture and professional attitude amongst the student fraternity to make them able and competent to contribute to the ultimate goal of having healthy India.


Shree Chanakya Education Society, popularly known as the SCES, was established in February 1994 under the visionary leadership of Dr. Tarita Shankar, with the objective of providing quality education in the fields of Business Management and information technology.

The institutions managed by SCES, have maintained high academic standards and have successfully provided trained manpower to the industrial and service sector of the country. SCES started with a modest strength of 60 students and a single course has grown steadily branching out into 7 institutes , which have more than 6000 students from all over India & globally.

These students pursue multi-discipline, graduate and post-graduate programmes. The objective providing of ‘ Pharmacy education' in a professional environment has been possible due to the sincere and dedicated efforts of the members of ICP, who have invaluable experience in varied areas like academics, industry, the services and social work.


Indira Family


India is emerging out to be global leader in information technology, Pharmaceutical technology and Biotechnology. Quality of medicines manufactured in India is proven to be of world class standard & many Indian Pharmaceutical companies have taken a lead to capture world pharmaceutical Market. To rule the world pharmaceutical market we need world class competent pharmacists in the area of Manufacturing, Research & Development, Quality Assurance and Marketing.

We are very much happy to introduce our newest venture in Pharmacy Education i.e. Indira College of Pharmacy Committed to provide world class infrastructure, laboratories, equipment to GLP and GMP standards and to develop the students as competent pharmacist and highly qualified dedicated professionally in the future. In short we want to redefine the concept of Pharma education in todays global era with an aim to serve humanity in a better fashion.

We are in constant search for excellence in order to strengthen our efforts and make India a country to be reckoned within the world of community pharmacy.

Dr. Tarita Shankar, Chairperson

The 21st century is a century of innovation and entrepreneurship,this decade has been a period of mergers and acquisitions seen in the Pharmaceutical industries globally. India is amongst the global leaders in providing quality generics to the world and is gearing up for the next level of growth driven by shift towards specialty products,customer centricity,and focus on improving quality.The Indian pharmaceutical industry has undoubtedly emerged as a hub for quality healthcare, extensive research, cost effective clinical study all of which have contributed in transforming the business scenario. India has a vast pool of intellectuals with opened up avenues at every step of research and drug discovery and we at INDIRA would like to take the lead in imparting the necessary skills and knowledge essential to excel in this environment. Our execution of Pharmacy programs is focused on one to one teaching learning experience each and every candidate has an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skillset. Our focus is on their holistic development, through a judicious blend of co-curricular and extracurricular activities,this is facilitated by our talented and enthusiastic faculty. The teaching pedagogy followed is interactive in nature with emphasis on hands on training and skill development. Our programs are hosted at our ultra-modern residential campus in Pune having some of the finest amenities to make learning at INDIRA a life transforming experience. I look forward to welcoming you at INDIRA

Prof. Chetan Wakalkar, Group Director

Dear students,

At the interface of the silver jubilee year of SCES, I welcome you all to the ever growing profession of pharmacy. Pharmaceutical field is evolving day by day and contributing more and more to the wellbeing of the society.SCES right from its inception has had the vision of catering to the needs of industry and society at large in terms of the human resource by introducing the apt educational courses. The first course introduced on management studies was to cater to the needs of the industry in terms of efficient managers. Foundation of Indira College of Pharmacy (ICP) 13 years back was done with the goal of providing well trained and groomed Pharmacists who would be involved in promotion of Health and not just making of medicines.To match the vision of SCES,ICP has now introduced the course of Pharm D which is there to fulfil the societal need of clinical pharmacist- an indispensable link between the patient and the doctor. The past 10 years have been eventful for pharma industry. Government and Private sectors are working consistently towards improvement of health care among people. Pharmaceutical products or drugs are one of e. the important components of health care management. A 'Pharmacist',here,is a pivotal component as his role is expanding from a dispenser to a researcher and a patient counselor.It is one of the few professions which has shown significant growth rate even in the time of recession.The pharma field has a perpetual succession.The Pharmaceutical industry is growing by leaps and bound and every day new developments with respect to the pharmaceutical technology are evident.

Dr. (Mrs.) Angha Joshi

Principal, Indira College of Pharmacy


Through the centuries and since existence, human race has overcome various challenges and hurdles with inventions innovations and research to make life healthy and hearty, leading to one of the most luxurious and active way of life in today's era. The changing socio economic scenario, sedentary lifestyle, newer disorders and mutant diseases has thrown up new challenges as well as opportunities in the global healthcare scenario.Healthcare in India is an ever growing and demanding field, Pharmaceutical sciences being an integral part too has an edge globally. India has a big task to cater to its vast population,the skewed ratio of trained Healthcare professionals to the entire population is one such big challenge. Pharmacists are the backbone of the healthcare system, they contribute and serve the nation and humanity immensely in a professional manner. The role of Pharmacist has been redefined and now encompasses majorly counselling, monitoring the drug dosage regimen, focussing on the adverse drug reactions, prescription errors, regulatory aspects along with traditional tools like manufacturing , F&D, dispensing, etc . The a s p iri n g p h a rma c ists h a v e amp l e opportunities in various branches and fields of their interest,so as to create a niche for themselves.The modern day Pharmacist with right knowledge,perspective and expertise has an exponentially growing promising career. Indira College of Pharmacy is a transforming platform where the novice students are processed & polished into proficient Pharmacists. ICP stands out for its professionalism and best teaching learning practices with a moto of 'Redefining Pharmacy Education'. We at ICP believe in practicing the Good Educational Practices and the students who are studying here are trained and developed in such a manner that they are a perfect blend of knowledge, skills, virtues and professional ethos. The vibrant Industry institute partnership cell, the dynamic Placement cell as well as the R&D cell are the strong pillars on which the institution is marching ahead with great vigor and strength. ICP has gained popularity amongst the student population and is one of the most preferred institutions for Pharmacy Education.