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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) comprises of various tools that handle information and produce, store, and disseminate information. Use of ICT makes education system more effective, creative and thought-provoking. ICT tools helps to disseminate instruction most effectively. Current corona pandemic demanded a complete new form of teaching learning and ICT tools made it possible.

We at ICP encourage regular and intensive use of ICT enabled tools for effective teaching and learning process in addition to the traditional classroom education. The various ICT tools used for effective teaching learning process at ICP are as follows:

ICT enabled Teaching Learning tools used at ICP

  • Use of online teaching facility during COVID Crisis: Google classrooms, Licensed Zoom conferencing, Licensed MS Teams Platform
  • ICP Digital library
  • Use of simulations/ software: ExPharm, QbD software,etc.
  • ICT enabled Classroom
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Facility for online learning SWAYAM/ NPTEL courses
  • Internet, LAN & Wi-Fi:
  • Use of PowerPoint presentation: including pictorial illustration of concepts, flowcharts, animations and hyperlinks to you tube video.

Computer Laboratory

The institute has developed ICT with up to date maintained computer laboratory. The students have free access to the computer laboratory. Each faculty member has been allotted a latest configured Personal computer with internet access. Total Computers: 120

Internet, LAN & Wi-Fi

All the computers are connected to LAN (No. of LAN Terminals: 120). Internet access is provided through high speed fiber optic broadband of 500 Mbps bandwidth. Students and faculty have free access to internet. The entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled and the students make use of these resources to update their knowledge base.

Use of PowerPoint presentation

All the faculty members use Power point presentation for delivering lectures in addition to classical chalk and board method. We also encourage the students to use PowerPoint presentation for giving seminars. To make Power point presentation more effective and interactive, faculty includes pictorial illustration of concepts, flowcharts, animations and hyperlinks to you tube video.

Facility for online learning

In addition to class room learning, facility has been created to learn through online courses. The students and teachers are encouraged to take online courses provided by SWAYAM/ NPTEL.

Use of simulations/ software:

The institute uses simulations/ software like ExPharm for demonstrating animal experiments in pharmacology, Molecular models for stereochemistry, QbD software for experimental designing. etc.

ICT enabled Classroom:

All the classrooms are provided with in-build LCD projectors with audio-visual recording system to make learning more logical and easy during theory classes in online or as blended mode.

ICP Digital library:

ICP has developed Digital Library web page accessible at: https://sites.google.com/site/scesicp/ICP-LIBRARY Digital resource access is available for faculty and students through the ICP digital library. Various resources can be accessed from ICP digital Library web page, which include

  • ICP Library Services:-CAS, SDI, Library Bulletin
  • ICP Library:-New Arrivals, List of CDs, Audio Books List
  • List of E-Books, List of E-Journals, List of Print Journals
  • Question paper :-( B.Pharm. M.Pharm, Pharm.D.)
  • Syllabus: - (B.Pharm. M.Pharm, Pharm.D.)
  • OPAC:-Browse Library Collection
  • Marathi Books (PDF) Free
  • Jayakar Library link
  • Pharmacy News
  • Pharmacy Dictionary
  • E-Journals –(Free pharmacy/medical e-journals) Titles -275
  • Motivational quotes

During covid lockdown, ICP digital library provided students with all required ebooks and E-Journals

Use of online teaching facility during COVID Crisis:

Use of online teaching facility during COVID Crisis: During current COVID pandemic, with lockdown, when education system suddenly evolved from offline classroom teaching learning to online, faculty updated themselves to learn and use various online teaching learning tools and adopted very efficiently to online teaching methodology. Faculty used various online teaching modes like Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams to conduct online live classes/ webinars. For proper communication with students and to deliver instruction subject wise Google classrooms were created by individual subject in charge. All faculty members instructed students regarding online classes via Google classrooms. All study materials like recorded lectures, video, animations, practical demonstrations, lecture presentations, question bank, ebooks, quizzes, etc. were made available to each student through Google classrooms.