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Ph.D (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

The Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Ph.D.) is designed to develop high quality scientific experts having strong base of principles of Pharmaceutical sciences and thorough understanding of their chosen areas of specialization. The department offers Ph.D. specialization in Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmaceutics. Along with coursework, candidate need to plan out research, execute it with possible outcome patent, publications etc. The institute offers highly collaborative atmosphere to gain the knowledge and skills required for discovering novel drug formulations for safe and effective therapy. The course work provides the candidates an enabling research experience thus helping them to enter their professional life with right perspective and knowledge related to their respective fields of specialization.

Ph.D is offered in following subjects:

  • 1. Pharmacognosy
  • 2. Pharmacology
  • 3. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • 4. Pharmaceutics

List of University Approved Guides:

Sr. No Name Department No of Seats
1. Dr. Anagha Joshi Pharmaceutical Chemistry 08
2. Dr. Dayanand Kannur Pharmacognosy 08
3. Dr. Suvarna Ingale Pharmacology 08
4. Dr. Madhur Kulkarni Pharmaceutics 08
5. Dr. Amir Shaikh Pharmaceutics 06
6. Dr. Rahul Buchade Pharmaceutical Chemistry 06
7. Dr. Archana Karnik Pharmaceutical Chemistry 06
8. Dr. Digambar Ambikar Pharmacology 06