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Name of the faculty member Title of The Project Duration Amount (Rs.) Name of the Funding Agency Status
Dr. Madhur Kulkarni Development of cosmetic formulation of chickpea oil and its Evaluation 2023 3,54,000/- Supplant Foods LLP, Pune Completed
Dr. Madhur Kulkarni Spray drying trials of flaxseed gum solutions 2023 11,800/- Supplant Foods LLP, Pune Completed
Dr. Madhur Kulkarni- Co-investigator Screening of two drugs and their combination for pre-exposure prophylaxis and treatment of Herpes Simplex Virus-2 (HSV-2) infections 2022 80,000/- Manipal Institute of Virology Completed
Dr. Madhur Kulkarni Development of microemulsion based formulation of chickpea oil and evaluation 2022 6,49,000/- Supplant Foods LLP, Pune Completed
Dr. Madhur Kulkarni Dissolution studies of capsule in capsule delivery system for delivery of formulation requiring enteric release. 2021 84,960/- ACG associated caspule PVT LTD Completed
Dr. Anagha Joshi/ Mrs. Meghana Dabhadkar Prototype formulation development and stability 2021 5,68,760/- Dr.Pritam Dhokaji Completed
Dr. Anagha Joshi Development of various modules for training of Pharma sales executives for ABAN's Lifesurge Bioscience 2021 6,11,240/- Aravi Completed
Dr Manasi Wagdarikar To develop and validate analytical method for estimation of serratiopeptidase from topical formulations for treatment of diabetic foot 2019-2021 2,50,000/- BCUD Completed
Ms. Roopal Sunil Bhat Formulation and evaluation of nail lacquer of terbinafine hydrochloride in combination with silver nanoparticles for transungual fungal infections. 2019-2021 2,00,000/- BCUD Completed
Dr. Madhur Kulkarni Enhancing solubility, stability, and bioavailability of adefovir dipivoxil to improve the treatment of viral infections 2019 1,60,105/- NIH, USA Completed
Dr. Madhur Kulkarni Development and characterization of topical formulations of adefovir dipivoxil for the prevention of HIV infection 2019 1,60,105/- NIH, USA Completed
Dr. (Mrs.) Anagha Joshi An analytical method development for analyzing release and permeation profile of a drug when co-administered with medicated wines containing one or more ingredients of Trikatu. 2016-2018 1,40,000/- BCUD Completed
Mr. Dayanand Kannur Development and standardization of digestive and expectorant dosage forms based on Ayurvedic Churna and Chattan 2014-2016 1,40,000/- SPPU Completed
Mrs. Prerana P. Dongre Development and standardization of herbopathic Formulations 2014-2016 1,60,000/- - Completed
Dr. Suvarna P. Ingale Evaluation of anti-asthmatic activity of some Indian medicinal plants 2014-2016 2,20,000/- - Completed
Mrs.Manasi Wagdarikar Media optimization, production, characterization and purification of therapeutic enzyme and to develop and validation of analytical techniques for qualitative and quantitative estimation of the same in crude form and in formulation. 2012-2014 2,80,000/- - Completed
Mr. Yogesh Pawar Solubility enhancement of Etodolac by various approaches. 2012-2014 2,00,000/- - Completed
Mrs. Vishakha Hastak Formulation & Evaluation of Anti dandruff herbal gel 2012-2014 2,00,000/- - Completed
Dr. R.G.Katedeshmukh Effect of solubility of drug excipients on drug release from Chitosan matrix 2012-2014 2,00,000/- - Completed
Mrs. Prerana Dongare Development formulation and , Pharmacological investigation of nasal herbal formulation 2012-2014 2,00,000/- - Completed
Dr. Abhijit Gothoskar Effect of alcoholic beverages on drug release pattern of sustained release dosage forms. 2012-2014 2,00,000/- - Completed
Mrs. Suvarna Ingale Neuro-pharmacological study of different parts of Passiflora incarnata 2009-2011 2,00,000/- - Completed
Mr. Dayanand Kannur Investigation of Indian Medicinal plants for evaluation of Adaptogenic and Antihyperlipidemic activity. 2009-2011 3,00,000/- - Completed
Dr.(Mrs.) Anagha Joshi Development & evaluation of a novel wound healing herbal formulation. 2006-2008 2,00,000/- - Completed