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Entrepreneurship Development Cell

About Entrepreneurship Development Cell

SCES’S INDIRA COLLEGE OF PHARMACY, PUNE established Entrepreneurship Development Cell with the object of promoting specialized knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship development.

EDC nurtures the young minds and instils passion to start up new business ideas, inculcate leadership qualities in them to start entrepreneurship ventures and create conducive environment to facilitate the budding entrepreneurs to setup their own ventures and develop business incubators. EDC plans to organize various programmes regarding entrepreneurship development.


  • To promote ideas on innovation and entrepreneurship among the student.
  • To provide a platform for interaction with entrepreneurs.
  • To create the awareness amongst the students regarding entrepreneurship venturing as a strong career option.
  • Impart entrepreneurial education/skills amongst students through various trainings and exercise.
  • Create platform to supports business proposals in order to nurture buzzing ideas that have the potential to bring about a change in this sector.

The functions of EDC

  • Organize entrepreneurship awareness camps, entrepreneurship development programmes, skill development programmes.
  • Organize the guest lectures with special emphasis on pharma business.
  • Organize sessions and face to face interaction with successful entrepreneurs.
  • Mentor students who have business ideas by placing them under the supervision of entrepreneurs, under a mentorship scheme.
  • To conduct industry-institute interaction via workshops, guest lectures, webinars and Industrial training/visits.

Constitution of ICP Entrepreneurship Development Cell

ICP’s Entrepreneurship Development Cell’s composition, is proposed to be as follows:

Sr. No. Name of Member Member Type (Teaching/
Nonteaching / External Expert)
Key Role in IIC
1 Dr. Anagha Joshi Teaching President
2 Dr. Dayanand Kannur Teaching Vice president
3 Dr. Digambar Ambikar Teaching Convenor
4 Dr. Amir Shaikh Teaching Member
5 Dr. Manasi Wagdarikar Teaching Member
6 Ms.Aishwarya Huparikar Teaching Member
7 Mr. Shubham Pawar Teaching Member
8 Mrs. Tejal Muley Teaching Member
9 Mrs. Falguni Mistry Teaching Member
10 Mr. R. B. Joshi External Expert Ex-Assistant Commissioner at Maharashtra state, FDA
11 Mr. Amogh Jain Industry expert Director, Sydler packs, Aurangabad
12 Ms Shradhha Verma Alumni Alumni member
13 Mr Vishal Oswal Alumni & Industry Alumni and Industry expert