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  • 1)Student should always carry their valid College Identity Card prominently displayed whenever in the college or representing the college in any other place. Students without I-card will not be allowed to enter the college premises. Identity card must be produced whenever demanded by any of the college staff.
  • 2) 90% attendance for both theory and practical classes separately shall be mandatory to appear for sessional examination and university examination.
  • 3) During class hours, students should not roam around in the college premises or make noise.
  • 4)Silence should be maintained in classrooms, library, laboratories, and corridors.
  • 5) All students are expected to be modestly dressed.
  • 6) Students should not write on walls, benches and should help in maintaining the college premises neat and clean.
  • 7) Use of mobile phones, tobacco and paan is strictly prohibited in the college premises.
  • 8) Use of plastic should be avoided as possible.
  • 9) Students must wear aprons and other safety gears during the practical hours.
  • 10) Students coming to college on two-wheeler are supposed to wear helmet, then only they are allowed to park vehicle inside the campus.
  • 11) Behavior of students, inside and outside the campus should be in consonance with the brand image of ICP. Any complaint in this regard will be viewed seriously. Any violation will be treated as Misconduct.


Sr. No Name Designation & Role
1. Dr. Anagha Joshi Principal & Professor
2. Dr. Dayanand Kannur Vice-Principal & Professor
3. Mrs. Pradnya Kulkarni Registrar
4. Dr. Manasi Wagdarikar Associate Professor
5. Dr. Digambar Ambikar Associate Professor
6. Ms. Aishwarya Huparikar Assistant Professor
7. Mrs. Sneha Joshi Assistant Professor
8. Mrs. Tejal Bele Assistant Professor
9. Ms. Falguni Mistry Assistant Professor
10. Mr. Shubham Pawar Assistant Professor
11. Dr. Divya Kulkarni Assistant Professor
12. Dr. Pooja Janardan Assistant Professor
13. Dr. Shraddha Devarshi Assistant Professor
14. Mrs. Meghana Dabhadkar Assistant Professor
15. Mrs. Pallavi Chouhan Assistant Professor
16. Ms. Rajanigandha Joshi Assistant Professor